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May 14, 2019 ET
Test for creating, previewing blog content type, attached media and image uploaded.Read more
Tips for completing native american basic grant application form
February 11, 2019 ET
We’ve put together a new list of tips to help you submit a successful application package this year - here’s what you need to know.Read more
library patrons play ukeleles
January 14, 2019 ET
Here are just a few interesting—and perhaps unconventional—public library collections funded through the IMLS Grants to States program that might help you check a resolution or two off your list.Read more
visualization of grant data
December 06, 2018 ET
Editor’s Note: Over the past several years, IMLS has funded a significant number of digital library grant projects through the National Digital Platform (NDP) funding framework. Between 2014 and 2017, the agency invested more than 33 million dollars in 111 grants through National Leadership Grants...Read more
young library patron reads a braille book
October 29, 2018 ET
Here are six key things every librarian should know about the talking book program. In recent years, the service has developed a mobile app, streamlined its process for enrolling in its online database, and grown available titles at an increasing rate.Read more
boy in orange t-shirt explores shelves of bookmobile
October 04, 2018 ET
Every five years, all U.S. states and territories create plans for how they will use Institute of Museum and Library Services’ library grant funding. IMLS’s recent analysis of the 56 plans revealed that most state libraries are focused on providing their communities with access to information, reaching underserved populations, and growing partnerships with other government agencies.Read more
Animals at the San Diego Zoo
September 13, 2018 ET
There's growing evidence that having a connection with animals helps people be healthier.Read more
Emergency checklist
September 11, 2018 ET
For those in the path of Hurricane Florence, it’s important to prepare for sustained winds, heavy rain, and potential flooding.Read more
Museum visitors viewing primate collection
August 30, 2018 ET
“Inspired” by feedback from new funding opportunity specifically for small museums, we share more about our newest grant initiative.Read more
August 02, 2018 ET
Do you ever wonder, “How do I create a proposal that transforms a good idea into a full-blown IMLS-funded collections care project?” Peer reviewers share some insights.Read more